The Walkways

The Paiva Walkways are located on the bank of the river Paiva, in Arouca municipality. The path connects the river beaches of Areinho and Espiunca from which you can enjoy the fauna and flora, observe the beautiful landscapes that make up the site and have access to places that were virtually inaccessible earlier. During the walk you will access to various points of interest such as "Garganta do Paiva", the "Praia fluvial do Vau", the "Gola do Salto" among others. This region is a great place to visit for any nature lover in its pure state.

Over 8 km can take advantage of all the nature around them and enjoy the most of your walk. For these and many other reasons, come visit the Paiva Walkways and Arouca municipality.

The Application

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    All you have to know about the Paiva WalkWays. You can check the type of the path, some rules you must follow when visiting the Walkways and you can be redirected to the page to buy your visiting ticket

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    Track your walk and share it on Facebook at the end. Check some information about the principal points of interest along the path

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  • Where to eat

    Would you like to eat before or after your walk? Check some restaurants in the region where you can eat some delightful typical food